It is kind of like living in two worlds at the same time.

On one hand the leaders of most of the world's countries tell us there is an urgent need to come up with a long term solution to big issues like oil spills in our oceans and climate change, but on the other hand those same leaders continue to stall and play political games when it comes to actually coming up with an agreement. 

And while our politicians fiddle, from the Tar sands of northern Canada to the Gulf of Mexico; from the Arctic to Nigeria and Angola, oil corporations continue to risk the local and global environment in a desperate search for a dwindling, dirty and unstable source of energy, oil.

Right now representatives from around the world are in Bonn, Germany trying to negotiate an international agreement that will set the world on a sustainable path utilizing clean energy sources to protect our climate and create jobs.

Now is the time to invest in a clean energy future. But what does this future look like, and how do we get there? TckTckTck partner, Greenpeace International has just released a comprehensive blueprint that outlines precisely how governments can:

  • Create 12 million jobs by 2030 (8.7 million in clean energy sector alone)
  • Get to nearly 100% renewable energy globally by 2050
  • Prevent oil disasters from happening again by ending our addiction to fossil fuels

You can check out the full Greenpeace Energy [R]evolution report here.

Whether it is climate change, oil spills or toxic tar sands and coal, the solution is the same.

If we put the world on a path to clean energy, using technology that already exists to create energy from unlimited sources like the wind and sun, we can greatly reduce the risk that our children and their children will ever have to deal with things like the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico or the devastating impacts of climate change.

The major ingredient that has been missing in these international talks is political will. Our political leaders have said that reducing the worldwide use of dirty fuels like oil and coal is a priority, but so far their urgent words have not been turned into urgent action.

We voted these people in and there is one thing that scares a politician more than anything and that's an angry public.

So tell them you are angry. Tell them that oil spills, like the one in the Gulf of Mexico or in the Niger Delta are not okay. Tell them that ignoring the famine, drought and devastation that developing nations are already dealing with because of climate change is not okay.

Tell them that leaving these problems for our children to deal with is unacceptable.

Tell them to stand up as leaders now and act, because the time for talk is over.

Gopinath S
Chief Executive
nRG Consulting Services, Bangalore
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