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Friday, September 12, 2008


Assured Solar Power

Dear Mr.Gopinath.


It was nice to have found your site. It throw many facts & myths around this renewable energy especially in India.


We have seen many systems like flat PV ( FPV ) , thin film PV (TFPV) & Concentrating PV , in the market now. Thin film PV is similar to PV, but uses fewer semiconductors per gram of manufacturing the cell.


The logical answer to many of the rural areas electricity is giving them CPV systems which can generate 2 Units of power per day , with an avg. generation of 2.4 units per day , I believe atleast they can have lights & fans running in their homes during the painful , summer & winter , the problem creeps in monsoon . As the overcast sky stops manufacturing in the system. But nonetheless , its better to have 3/4th of year covered with power , than none.


The current costs of such systems is almost at par with the flat PV systems and we plan to bring smile into millions of homes , including the ones in urban locations , where you have a power connection & no…..


I am available on and it would be interesting to exchange the ideas on Mr.Gopinath’s blog.