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Monday, December 11, 2006


Rural Energy




Bharat wants to develop rural;

'Give them power' is their goal;

in their quest for development,

they please urban establishment;

but end up in just a governing role.


Farmer is ignorant of any global issue;

he has his own view;

he only wants power and water;

but rain god plays truant and makes him poorer;

he ends up in debt and gives Bharat his due.


Some take their lives;

some burn themselves;

women end up taking the burden;

they fetch water, they enliven;

and make their children better citizens.


Bharat is now in a fix;

to go urban or rural or a mix;

they look for mediation;

to meet growing population;

will they succeed or are they in a jinx?


Public, in any case, has to suffer;

after all, they have a life to lead and deliver;

a flyover here, a mall there;

an e-post everywhere;

they remain a mere spectator.



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The rural diaspora



Rural needs power;

but urban is gluttony;

for government, rural is dear;

but urban pays money.


They suffer in silence;

they have no water or money;

rain is in pittance;

way, is there any?


Reform is the key;

thought the intelligentsia;

elections drowned all into the sea;

new ways are, now, the mania.


Devolution is the new mantra;

say, why not try this route?

this is no tantra;

rural folk are not mute.


'Let's try social',

say, the learned;

caravan moves rural;

they have time to spend.


Folk moan, beg and cry;

they give a patient hearing;

the learned say, "try, try and try';

they keep cajoling.


Folk agree to be more social;

but government is busy tempering;

folk will do anything to be happy and less menial;

Now is the best time for assuaging.



Gopinath S


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Monday, December 04, 2006


Savanadurga trek (2 hrs from Bangalore)

Savanadurga is near Ramanagaram. about 2 hrs drive from Bangalore city. It is an ideal spot for trekking. There are 2 hills - biligiri (white hill) and karigiri (black hill). You have to trek on biligiri. The path is provided with arrow marks for direction. It takes about 2 hours for climbing upto the top of the hill. You will get a panoramic view of the area and a good windy atmosphere. You will also find a nandi (bull) statue and a hanuman (monkey god) statue where you can pay obeisance.