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Thursday, July 03, 2008


Traffic Woes in Bangalore city

Common occurrences that cause traffic jams or holdups in Bangalore:

1. Buses improperly parked at the bus stops
2. Vehicles stranded/parked on the roads due to some reason
3. Pedestrians trying to cross the road anytime anywhere
4. Pedestrians blocking the roads while waiting for the green signal
5. Vehicles plying at perpendicular direction on major roads to get into some cross roads
6. Vehicles taking u turns
7. Animals standing/sitting in the middle of the road
8. Vehicles trying to avoid pot holes/speed breakers/uneven road surfaces
9. Storm water drains overflowing
10. Roads narrowing in between
11. School children crossing the road
12. Traffic flow from cross roads
13. Uprooted trees/falling branches obstructing traffic
14. Religious processions
15. Morchas/dharnas
16. Hearse procession
17. VIP movement/convoy
18. Heavy rain fall
19. Water logging on the roads due to rain or otherwise
20. Peak load traffic
21. Traffic diversions
22. Infrastructure development works (like metro, subways, under pass) in progress
23. Manned/unmanned railway crossing
24. Road accidents
25. Road repairs/widening
26. Storm water drain repairs/widening
27. Heavy slabs/cobbled stones at kerb or median obstructing traffic
28. Building construction materials dumped on the road
29. Building construction equipment like tractors or ready cement trucks blocking the roads
30. Buses stopping at scheduled bus stops (on the road and not at the kerb)
31. Some driving slow due to reasons like talking on mobile, learning, looking around
32. Bold pedestrians crossing the road (not at traffic signals!) in between the traffic flow
33. Pedestrians waiting at the traffic signals almost half way through
34. Vehicles crossing lanes to get ahead of traffic
35. Vehicles plying on the wrong side of the road blocking the incoming traffic


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